Cognos Planning

Develop budgets and forecasts faster and more efficiently.

Make informed decisions based on today’s data, rather than a report on yesterday’s performance. With IBM Cognos Planning, you can see your resource requirements and forecasted business results – in real time!

Enterprise Planning is essential if you wish to remain agile and competitive in an increasingly aggressive market place. 

Cognos  Planning Enterprise Planning software, combined with PMSquare's significant financial experience can help you turn your strategy into the most accurate and actionable of plans, budgets and forecasts.  

PMSquare and IBM Cognos Planning can help you to: 

  • Define your goals and effectively communicate your strategy and plans across the organization 
  • Replace rigid, annual budgeting with continuous planning on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Connect operations and finance through plans that maximise operational effectiveness and inform operational and finance plans
  • Engage the organisation by enabling users to enter data in their own business language, so you can model your own key business drivers
  • Gain greater flexibility by creating your own business rules and structures, then modify your model as the organisation evolves
  • Leverage investments in applications from Oracle and SAP by integrating planning with IBM Cognos reporting and analysis
  • Merge various data sources into one business for collaborative decision-making.

"PMSquare were highly relied upon to provide best practice guidance on Data Warehouse design and Cognos EP development. As the business partnership grew stronger and major project hurdles were overcome, further expertise was sought from PMSquare for Cognos BI."Jason Rankin, Business Controller ANZ

If you would like more information on Cognos EP features and benefits, download our IBM Cognos Planning Overview or contact us today.