SPSS turns historical business intelligence on its head to deliver you actionable foresight.

Want to anticipate changes in the market, business risk and customer behaviour? PMSquare can show you how with SPSS.   

Predictive analytics can help you to anticipate change so you can plan and implement strategies to deliver your desired outcomes. By applying this kind of analysis to your data, you can uncover valuable patterns and associations and even develop models that will guide your future customer interactions.  

The key modules of SPSS that deliver such predictive power:

SPSS Statistics: Quickly and confidently perform any type of predictive and statistical analysis  with this comprehensive range of tools, tests and techniques. Can help you understand your customers in great depth, improve your marketing campaigns and maximize the ROI of marketing, as well as predict trends and develop forecasts quickly and easily. 

SPSS Modeler: Build accurate predictive models quickly and intuitively without programming using this powerful and versatile mining workbench. Can help you improve areas such as marketing, fraude and risk mitigation, CRM and more. 

SPSS Data Collection: Acquire data from a variety of sources quickly and efficiently with this host of products for survey, market or business researchers. Augment the value you provide your organisation by finding extra insights that give you a competitive edge, or get greater efficiencies and capabilities in survey research methods to drive customer intimacy, product planning and operational efficiency. 

SPSS Deployment: Bridge the gap between analytics and operations. Standard programming interfaces help your IT department integrate this with your existing infrastructure to help you deliver analytical results, ensure scalability and reliability of your analytics, integrate SPSS with existing applications and more.

PMSquare can simplify complexity to help you predict the future. For more information or an SPSS demonstration, download our IBM SPSS Overview or please contact us today.